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Wealth Skills provides an investment club membership which includes weekly newsletters covering the global and local stock market indices with a focus on share buys for the week or longer. The first investment club meeting is free! They take place in JHB only at the moment. We now offer Skype Conference Call Presentations. These can take place anywhere in the world for free! The call costs you nothing. Just download SKYPE for free.

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We are committed to educating people with regards to investing and trading in the stock market. We show the private investor how to successfully invest in the share market and maximise their returns. Wouldn't you benefit from more knowledge before you get started? Would you agree it is best to have the best available knowledge and practical experience when you decide to start investing or trading stock markets?

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Catch us on CNBC Africa 410 @ 9h30 every second TuesdayWe provide a technical analysis perspective on the markets every second Tuesday with CNBC Africa on DSTV Channel #410 at estimated 9h30 time slot.



Our viewpoint for 2011:

Although the recession is over the natural cycles of bullish and bearish waves are bound to take place. We still view the commodities as the asset class to be in for the short to medium term as the power house of smart money moves into and out of this sector to hedge the wealth against inflation and secure it due to safe haven fears.

This would be GOLD, Silver, Platinum, OIL and other types of commodities in favour of riskier assets for the 2011 year.

As markets are bound to overheat, they also blow off steam and retrace into lower discounted prices. In March of 2011, we feel this may be one of those times of short term bearish cycles similar to the one in January 2010.

Many support levels and negative triggers have taken place recently [March, 2011] to signal this possibility.

Our viewpoint for 2010 and beyond:

The recession is over. The next 5 year boom cycle is well underway! Commodities are also kicking up a storm as they shift into a reversal of a 200+ year of decline in prices.

Investors would do well to invest in commodities directly by buying the physical commodity in coins or similar as well as buying spreads, CFDS or Futures on the open market and holding for the next few years as a minimum. Shares and stocks are a secondary or tertiary option as they carry other risk such as labour cost, operational cost, political risk and so on.

Our Stock Market Outlook March 2009

We provide a stock market outlook in a weekly newsletter to investment club members. In March 2009, we published an edition stating that the bottom of the stock market was reached and that the stock markets will start recovering. We stated a number of reasons for this view on the markets, as to how we drew this conclusion. Since then the global stock markets are up between 30-50% from the lows in March 2009!

See our quick performance review section for some our more recent stock market calls. This is a summary of our investment club newsletter outlook. To find out more, visit our Wealth Club section.

Stock market trading is simple but that doesn't mean it's easy! Let me explain. Most people can handle a dummy portfolio with 1000's of dollars or rands worth of funds. They trade like there's no tomorrow and generally they end up profitable. The next logical step is to open a real account with REAL MONEY in it! What happens next is the quintessential challenge around trading for 90% of people: They lose money!

Why make money stock market trading with a dummy account and then lose it with a Real Account? Our experience with stock market courses is that learners are able to operate under no stress with a dummy account. They are making trading decisions based purely on the stock market analysis using technical charts, fundamentals and choosing a trading strategy. The moment they put REAL MONEY on the table, the trading psychology enters the fray.

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