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2014 has started with a BANG!

Discover the methods we used to determine the bottom of the Stock Market in March 2009 along with our Investment Newsletter subscribers at the time! Their advantage was our Weekly Investment Newsletter, which in less than 3 months, provided a 25% increase in portfolio gain in 2009.

Discover the methods of timing the down side in the market RIGHT NOW MARCH 2014! Being short from 13th March in the markets especially with regards to Resources has made a good deal of profit for us!

Our model is based on using economic cycles and technical indicators to make investment decisions that achieve above average returns.

The Investment Newsletters are published weekly and bring highlights of stock market investing opportunities across the globe including technical analysis on the US market indices, the DAX as well as the Shanghai index. We also highlight Bond Yields of the US 30 Year Treasury Note, the US Dollar currency, OIL as well as GOLD & Platinum. Those are our major international focus areas but there's more!

For our local investors based in South Africa, we also discuss and comment on opportunities from a technical perspective on the JSE ALL Share, JSE RESI, FINDI and certain sectors regarded as potent and worthy. To top it all, we conclude every month with our Wealth Skills' Skype Presentation.

It's a kind of State of the Markets Address...It includes over 20 individual charts of global market indices as well as around 60 more local charts covering both short & long term investment opportunities on the JSE. Finally, the Investment Newsletter subscription includes our Executive Summary.

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Markets Technical Analysis with Warrick Selzer Dec 2012 With Samantha Loring CNBC Africa

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Investment Newsletter

Our quarterly Investment Newsletter covers over 20 individual market charts from commodities to bond yields & more.

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Investment Newsletter

  • Weekly Stock Market Updates
  • Published quarterly
  • Monthly State of the Markets Address
  • Over 20 individual Stock Market Charts
  • Technical Analysis Explained
  • Highlight: Short & Long Term Opportunities
  • International & Local JSE
  • Executive Summary
  • Over 20 pages of Commentary
  • Subscription Fee: R900 per quarter
  • Come learn Everyday Companies you use daily that you could own, AND WHY!