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Start your journey to investment success by becoming a Wealth Skills Investor Club member. We meet on a monthly basis to discuss stock market outlooks both globally and locally.

Welcome To Wealth Skills Investment Club

We discuss the SP500 index, Dow Jones Index, Dax and JSE with the emerging markets like Shanghai. Once we have obtained direction from these global markets we then reflect on our local JSE market and choose shares that fit our profile for both technical and fundamental confirmations.


Skype Conference Call

Date: 30th July 2011

Time: 18h00 until 20h00

Fee: First meeting is complimentary for guests, thereafter a 6-month subscription applies.

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By meeting on a monthly basis, our investment club is able to grow and develop in understanding of the stock market and how to trade stocks. We also focus on both long term investment and short term trading when it comes to the stock market. For the price of dinner out with the family you can become a member of the club and reap the benefits for life!

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Investment Club ~ What Benefits?

We are committed to educating people with regards to investing and trading in the stock market. We show the private investor how to successfully invest in the share market and maximise their returns. Wouldn't you benefit from more knowledge before you get started? Would you agree it is best to have the best available knowledge and practical experience before putting your hard-earned money on the line?

Our Viewpoint for 2011

The economic recovery continues albeit mixed with rallies and pull backs as natural as a river making its way to the ocean. Take advantage in your business and start new ventures or product lines now. You should have 3-4 years of grace to build the new venture to be sustainable and robust to handle the next recession.

We still find commodities to be excellent focus for medium to long term and pull backs should be viewed as opportunities to enter at a discount.

July 2011...

The market rally continues to the resistance of 12600 on the Dow Jones and 1360 on the SP500 as reference points in general and we expect a pull back to test the support level and provide continuation patterns.

Gold rallies and Silver confirms the move higher with an excellent rally while bonds become more risky and the equity markets find themselves at resistance levels once again and ripe for profit taking.

We also opened positions on the following: Gold, Silver, KIO, EXX and others along with small positions in YEN, CHF and NZD longs

June 2011...

Another retracement with the markets coming under some major pressure to the 200SMA on the SP500 at 1255 before finding a bottom and bouncing.

Our SMS on Monday 27th June alerted members to a Global Market Event confirmed across numerous indicators that the markets had bottomed out and a bullish reversal rally was in line.

Our move was at least 10% from this timed Global Market Event within a week across multiple indices such as the Dow Jones, SP500, the JSE All Share top 40 index and Gold and Silver.

With roughly 45 points profit on the SP500, 350 points on the Dow Jones index and over 600 pts on the ALSI Top 40 index it was a fantastic week!

March 2011...

We took a very quick scalp trade short on AGL with major short sell trades on the ALSI Near contract.

We also took a bounce trade on ALG and BIL for a small profit in 24 hours.

February 2011...

We closed these longs on the 9th February for 10% on average return in equities.

We opened Long or buy positions on the 2nd and 3rd February

We OPENED BUYS on Exxaro | AGL | BIL | Kumba | Implats | Metorex | Merafe |

We waited patiently for the RESI and resource based stocks to retrace tot heir respective support levels and correlated with global market indicators we teach on our Trading Mentorship to open these positions with some of them already offering massive profits in just 2 days!

January 2011

We closed the RESI, Base Metals and Commodities spot price charts, closed the dollar long @ support of 1.28 to the Euro, closed BDI

All of our positions opened in mid November for example:

Exxaro 20% | AGL 12.5% | BIL 5% | Kumba 14.5%| Implats 11% | Metorex 10% | All provided at least 10% profit per position (except Billiton) on the equity or full 100% return on your margin if using geared instruments like CFDs or Spreads or Futures.

We did take a 100c loss when ASPEN stopped out of our trade @ 9100c

The Baltic Dry Index made over 100% profit since November 2010!!!!


Our viewpoint for 2010 and beyond:

The recession is over. The next 5 year boom cycle is well underway! Commodities are also kicking up a storm as they shift into a reversal of a 200+ year of decline in prices.

Investors would do well to invest in commodities directly by buying the physical commodity in coins or similar as well as buying spreads, CFDS or Futures on the open market and holding for the next few years as a minimum. Shares and stocks are a secondary or tertiary option as they carry other risk such as labour cost, operational cost, political risk and so on.


We went long on the 4th November 9h00 after noticing a global stock market event and score big profits!

We witness a reversal on the 1 Dec and commodities sore while we go long and close at resistance levels for close on or even more than 10%, in some cases.

Another double figure return for our members!! An amazing 14% in less than 7 days!

7th October Midweek update to members discussed a short term BUY trade in COAL or [CZA] at 865c with a stop loss of 15c. Our profit target was the 50ema or 986c as of the 11th of October for an amazing 14% return in less than a week!


Bullish Commodities Mega Cycle

Wealth Club member benefits are:

We hold monthly investment talks that cover not only local stock market sectors and shares but also an indepth look into the global stock markets, commodities and bonds. All of these factors play a role in making investment decisions on our local market.

Our weekly Stock Market Outlook Newsletter goes out on the Sunday evening in order to allow invetment club members the time to incorporate our views and analysis with their weekly trading strategy in the stock markets. We published a newsletter in March 2009 stating that the bottom of the markets had been reached and that the market will no go bullish! Make sure you get our newsletter as we have a high hit rate and excellent over view of global markets and commodities.

By coming to the monthly investment talks you get to meet and interact with other investors. Wouldn't you agree that this is a fantastic benefit for what is usually a lonely path? Our clients have been very successful applying our knowledge and methodology. You could learn a lot from them...

Over time you will have the advantage of developing a very simple but unique understanding of the stock markets and commodities. By putting our analysis and knowledge to use you can not only apply it to the stock markets of the world but also through your businesses & property investment!

Summary of Investment Club Benefits:


The first meeting is free. Thereafter a R300 monthly subscription is applicable with a 6 month subscription payable in advance @ R1800. Download the membership form now!