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The start of 2014 has certainly been fantastic for the Stock Markets!
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Update13 March 2014


Markets are on a bearish cycle down at present with wave 3 in action as we speak. Commodities and Resource stocks are taking a beating and short selling is in action for us at present. We are holding one stock in GOLD sector as a hedge to falling markets and GOLD Spot contracts at the same time.


The FINDI or Financials and Industrials are also going to be hit hard by this sell off. Bonds indicate the cautionary for further downside in the short term with major pressure across global markets at present. Either be out of the stock markets or learn to start selling stocks using derivatives such as a Single Stock Futures or CFDs where one can make money when the price of a stock goes down as well!


Update 2013 June 2013


Market continue to correct with massive bearish pressure on the commodities, bonds and equities. This is wave 5 of the Elliot Wave coming to an end with an A-B-C downward wave to be expected now.


We could see some quite serious retracements from the Dow's 15000 odd highs with about 21% - 38% retracements!


To view more visit our performance section for much more indepth look at the stock markets as detailed below: .


Date- 23 April 2013 - We discussed on CNBC Africa weakness and downside retracement in an ELLIOT WAVE cycle 4 down before continuing into wave 5. [2 April 2013 broadcast]

This led to almost another 600 pts down on the DAX, over 2000 pts on the JSE ALL SHARE and so on... Now a quick WAVE 5 up is taking place but beware of the lower high pointing to a downturn in trend.

Our published targets on the SP500 were 1560 in the relief rally wave A.

Markets are highly volatile at present and only short term trades are currently being considered outside of strong sectors we discuss.  


Update: July 2011 summary

The market rally continues to the resistance of 12600 on the Dow Jones and 1360 on the SP500 as reference points in general and we expect a pull back to test the support level and provide continuation patterns.

Gold rallies and Silver confirms the move higher with an excellent rally while bonds become more risky and the equity markets find themselves at resistance levels once again and ripe for profit taking.

Update: June 2011 Summary

Another retracement with the markets coming under some major pressure to the 200SMA on the SP500 at 1255 before finding a bottom and bouncing.

Our SMS on Monday 27th June alerted members to a Global Market Event confirmed across numerous indicators that the markets had bottomed out and a bullish reversal rally was in line.

Our move was at least 10% from this timed Global Market Event within a week across multiple indices such as the Dow Jones, SP500, the JSE All Share top 40 index and Gold and Silver.

With roughly 45 points profit on the SP500, 350 points on the Dow Jones index and over 600 pts on the ALSI Top 40 index it was a fantastic week!

Update: May 2011 Summary

Again some rough riding on the markets.

Update: April 2011 Summary

Another fairly mixed month but with a negative sentiment.

March 2011

We took shorts on AGL and the ALSI Near contract for massive profits on the downside moves taking place from the 7th March.

We took a small profit on a bounce trade on AGL and BIL before they fell lower again.

We continue to wait for the commodities to settle at discounted prices before entering longs again.

At times, we may look for shorts on these stocks as well however prefer to take profits quickly and in the short term.

February 2011

We opened Long or buy positions on the 2nd and 3rd February

Exxaro | AGL | BIL | Kumba | Implats | Metorex | Merafe |

We waited patiently for the RESI and resource based stocks to retrace tot heir respective support levels and correlated with global market indicators we teach on our Trading Mentorship to open these positions with some of them already offering massive profits in just 2 days!

January 2011

All of our positions opened in mid November are now CLOSED in January for example:

Exxaro 20% | AGL 12.5% | BIL 5% | Kumba 14.5%| Implats 11% | Metorex 10% | All provided at least 10% profit per position (except Billiton) on the equity or full 100% return on your margin if using geared instruments like CFDs or Spreads or Futures.

We did take a 100c loss when ASPEN stopped out of our trade @ 9100c

The Baltic Dry Index made over 100% profit since November 2010!!!!

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We take advantage of the market by Shorting Thursday ~ 23rd/24th June

Our resistance levels were reached at the 50ema plus major reversal patterns were displayed on the global stock markets and their charts signalling the time to swing positions and reverse our direction into a short sell.

We took shorts in major global stock market indices like the S&P 500, the DOW Jones and the DAX. It was also clear that most resource based stocks on our local JSE were also going to be affected by the market swing and reversal of direction.


GOLD was also closed as it failed to break out of the ascending triangle. We closed at $1230 although our original stop loss in profit was at $1210 at the 50ema as of the 2nd July 2010.

Be cautious now as a head and shoulders pattern is looming with a massive 1400 pts downside on the Dow Jones.


We take advantage of the market by Buying Mid June

We pretty much went long on everything including GOLD.


We take advantage of the market by Shorting Thursday/Friday ~ 4th June

At our monthly Wealth Skills Investors Meeting 1st June, we discussed how the chart patterns had displayed a Wave A, B & C that as now moving into a Micro Cycle wave of 5 counts. This is Elliot Wave theory talk and can be used to get an idea of the cycle the market is in right now.

The Market was making a Wave C end of May and found support the last week of May only to bounce to test our resistance in a Wave 4 retracement. Quite technical as it sounds it is all explained on our Advanced Technical Analysis workshop.


With the Wave 4 Bounce complete end of May/beginning of June we expected another downside wave which completes the entire micro cycle with a Wave 5 down. This took place on the 4th of June last week and was confirmed on the 3rd at closing time with majore shooting stars at resistance. We emailed a special mid week update to members discussing the opportunity to short the market on Friday with special focus on Platinum, Retailers and other resource based shares.


We focused on GOLD spot price for longs | buying from $1166 for a target of $1280 in the medium term. Our profit level could also be taken at $1250 already for aggressive traders. Longer swing traders may like to use the stop loss and wait for the momentum to grow.


A bounce at the support level of Wave C, the recent low of the markets, is likely to find resistance at the trend line along the tops.

We watch the A, B & C Wave flood the stock market with blood ~ May 5

As published in our recent newsletter to our club members, the market should experience a rally after the initial sell off on the 27th/28th April with a bounce which doesn't make a higher high. This is Wave B in the pattern. Then this Wave is followed by a challenge and break down | panic selling of the low created by Wave A. This pullback should find support at the major significant support of the 89-week moving average.

We Close | Exit most of our positions except the long term holdings...! ~ April 30

In anticipation of the global stock markets being overextended and very overbought we have been preparing for some type of pullback in the stock markets around the world. The final straw was the Greece Debt Crisis which hit hard on the 27th April which meant our market was closed for the public holiday.

It was the same day we held our monthly meeting for our Wealth Skills Investment Club members to discuss how our JSE would be hammered on the open of trade on the 28th April and likely to continue to be put under pressure especially in terms of the Resources.


While waiting for the next bullish rally the stock market may follow the Greek Debt Crisis pullback with a Wave 5 Elliot Count which suggests we could experience an A, B & C wave before the next bullish rally starts.

The Shanghai index indicated an extended downside for commodities and resource based stocks at the end of April. We headed the warning and closed most positions except two long term positions.

Gold we are bullish on until $1180 and then possibly after a small pullback give a go towards $1200 again.

We focus on RESI stocks, General Finance stocks & PLAT AGAIN!

Our March investment club meeting focused on how the RESI and special focus on PLATINUM shares were primed to make a bull rally move as Platinum breaks above $1700 with our target for the short term at $1782.

We had buy entries for impala platinum, northam, Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Kumba, Exxaro, Merafe and PSG, Old Mutual shares as well as others. Every one of these positions returned a positive result.


Warnings came in the closing hour of the 7th April of a sell off in the stock markets. We have highlighted for a number of weeks now that the markets were overbought and at high levels. Many of our swing positions had hit their targets this week and so are considered now closed. Good profits were achieved having followed the target prices and investment newsletter discussions.


The underlying trend in the global markets is still considered bullish with major long term indicators having confirmed in the month of March or in April. Want to know where to put your money next for good consistent returns? Come register for our stock market newsletter for investors and short term traders.

We focus on TECH and SCOM stocks, Plus rebound in Kumba + ASPEN

Our stock market newsletters recently discussed how the global stock market was quite tough to read over Feb 2010. We patiently waited for stocks to provide direction and buy entries while short term trading indices like the DOW, DAX and SP500 & our local ALSI top 40.

Just last week we issued our stock buys for Kumba, Aspen and others in conjunction with a major rally in gold, silver and global markets in the works which were all dollar dependent.

Standard Bank confirms our 2010 Advanced Stock Market Course schedule

We've been appointed to facilitate a one day stock market course hosted by Standard bank for their Online Trading clients. We will spend about 3 days in Cape Town, 2 days in Durban and the remainder in either Pretoria or Johannesburg. The course can only be booked and registered for by opening an Online Share Trading account with Standard Bank and look up the Face-To-Face course schedule.

We Focus on Platinum, TECH stocks

Our stock market investment newsletter and monthly subscription discussed very short term trades in the small cap Platinum mining companies such as East Plats, Jubilee & Anooraq. These stocks have illiquid trading volume so carry higher risk. Our entry was on the first Wednesday of the year and no longer than 7 days later we had closed all open positions for a minimum of 12% return followed by 35% and a massive 50% return in these three stocks.

We also discussed trading Northam Platinum from 4850c and closed the position at 5500c in January.

Major warning of Downside in the global markets end January 2010 as shooting star candle patterns appeared across the global stock markets and our local sectors at major resistance levels signalling the pullback currently in full swing.

Caution should be taken in the current market sell off. Short selling on indices like the DAX, FTSE, ALSI and US indices could bring good returns in the short term.

Wealth Skills Appointed by Standard Bank

Our Advanced Stock Market Methodology course has been appointed by Standard Bank to their collection of excellent investing seminars and trading workshops for 2010!

We presented a 1-day condensed version of our Advanced Stock Market Methodology course on the 14th November to over 60 people at the venue at Glen Hove. The response was excellent. The course includes a combined presentation by Warrick Selzer and Craig Pilgrim using the integration of fundamental, technical and psychological aspects of investing.

Wealth Skills will be presenting the 1-day course from February 2010 until the end of the year. The Advanced Stock Market Methodology will run on a monthly basis.

Special Update Newsletter to BUY ~ 27 November

Our Special stock market update sent to Wealth Skills Club members indicated that buying opportunities were available again at 13h00 on Friday the 27th November in the Resources sector with particular attention to Kumba, Northam, Lonmin, Anglo American & then PSG, Standard Bank to name a few of our favourites. Gold was also suggested as a buy at $1145 which has now run to $1222! See our Quick Performance section for detailed entry prices and profits!

I think you would agree that you too can reap the rewards of our stock market calls! Subscribe now to our Wealth Club membership!

Weekly Newsletter on target ~ 23 November

Our latest stock market newsletter WARNED that the markets were all at resistance levels and that caution should be taken at these levels. That it would be better to wait for the market to pull back before taking any new positions or buys in the stock markets.

We also advised that this sell off would be an excellent time to pick up opportunities at reduced prices in strong performing sectors.

Our Securities Exchange Ranked 2nd in the World!

The World Economic Forum has issued a report on global competitiveness. South Africa did pretty well on financial market sophistication ranking 6th out of 133 countries.  But what is really exciting is that one of the sub-categories in financial market sophistication is the regulation of securities exchanges and we came 2nd as reported in the in the Global Competitiveness Survey 2009-2010, compiled by the World Economic Forum, released in September 2009!

Weekly Newsletter on target ~ 16 November

Our recent stock market newsletter described how the global markets as well as our local market were all approaching resistance levels within their respective channels. Technically speaking, this is a dangerous place to be trying to buy shares, stocks or going long. We made comment about sitting on the fence until a reasonable support is found to enable buying again.

Some long term positions are still holding with stop losses in place. See our quick performance section for more detail.

Wealth Skills presents ~ 14 November

Our Advanced Stock Market Course training for Standard Financial Markets on 14th November in JHB to an audience of over 60 investors and traders. With a great group of clients we covered a 1-day summary of our 4-day course material. The group gave us a great response and we look forward to future stock market courses being offered to Standard Financial Markets clients in 2010!

Thanks for an excellent experience and all the best trading and investing!

Websites we use...

We use various websites at different times to get the most up-to-date stock market news. A word of caution however about news is that generally the news is known before it actually comes out via the media. Big banks and institutions get wind of the breaking stories before the Bob-the-trader next door types like you and I do!


How do we beat the Goliath's in the stock market news battle? Essentially the charts hold their own press release! If you know what to look for and follow the charts you can pick up, with some experience, the market forces at play when it comes to the news.


Alternatively, just take out a put option either to protect against the negative downside of any stock market news or you can make use of a call option in times of expected good news. Or put orders in on either side of the channel break out that cancel the other trade automatically...


These are all part of the little guy's arsenal when it comes to trading the stock markets. The trick is learn to apply them effectively to consistently make money over time.


Let's list some of the places we use for news!



Markets Technical Analysis with Warrick Selzer Dec 2012 With Samantha Loring CNBC Africa

Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive

Global Performance

Date- 23 April 2013 - We discussed on CNBC Africa weakness and downside retracement in an ELLIOT WAVE cycle 4 down before continuing into wave 5. [2 April 2013 broadcast]

This led to almost another 600 pts down on the DAX, over 2000 pts on the JSE ALL SHARE and so on... Now a quick WAVE 5 up is taking place but beware of the lower high pointing to a downturn in trend.

Our published targets on the SP500 were 1560 in the relief rally wave A.

Markets are highly volatile at present and only short term trades are currently being considered outside of strong sectors we discuss.     

Commodities - 28th June

Trade GOLD, OIL, SILVER, PLATINUM & other minor commodities directly to benefit most clean market movement! **Retracement taking place now** So we are closed of our short positions.

The Stronger USD swing has put massive pressure on the precious metals and commodities as per our April 2nd CNBC discussion.

We have been short GOLD, Platinum and general commodities like OIL for a few weeks now. Closed early this week.

Most recently, we discussed a weak rally for the USD (EUR1.27 to 1.32) which translates into similar for commodities in general.

Long term we are very bullish on commodities and have been since 2009.

Stock Picks - 26 April 2013

Recent stock picks (and long standing favourites) have come under pressure from Stonger USD.

1 Despite Resources based stocks such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Exxaro, Kumba Iron ore & Sasol taking pressure now they are always on our radar!

We also continue to favour stocks from the TECH, PHARM and General Retailers sectors as long term out performers or inflation hedging winners. APN and Mr Price are some considerations. SABMiller also of late as a Rand hedge along with SASOL. .        Course info...

Hot Sectors - @ 26 April

Our Hot Sectors are discussed our "State of the Markets Address" where we discuss over 40 different sectors on the JSE for opportunities in short term, swing trades & long term focus!

Some of our recent winners are such sectors as Construction, Short selling the Mining, RESI and Base Metals. Buying Pharm, Tech, AUTM, GERE. Short selling OIL & ALTx!

The RAND was also a massive WINNER over the last two weeks from above 860c to our target of 915c and even weaker! Not to mention the BDI which triggered a long buy that rallied over $300 in little over 2 months!!        Course info...

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