ALSI Trading Quick Performance Report

Year 2014!


Paul Coetsee that we trained on our Signature ALSI Apprentice Trading course in August 2013 is now trading full time making over 1000 pts consistently on a monthly basis. When Paul started he was trading with 1 contract which translates into a profit on average per month of R10,000 with capital of about R12,500 and trading cashflow of about another R18,000 in his account. H makes about 30% on average per month.


Paul is now going to trade full time expanding his leverage after putting our ALSI Trading strategy to the test and found it WORKED that he is TRADING with 4-5 contracts now with a target of 1000 points per month and an average profit of R40-50,000 per month using around R150,000 capital.


At present, short selling the market is the trend. We are making money as the market moves down. Want to learn how?



YEAR 2013!

The start of 2013 was certainly been fantastic for the Stock Markets!

We started the year with a group of 3 traders that had mixed experience. Terrence, Justin and Lindi had traded before but Justin and Terrence were more experienced.

By the end of January, Lindi had banked just over 1000 pts on the ALSI index. By end February she was trading seriously. She drew her first cash out from ALSI trading end of March!

April and May went well with a good average achieved. June, however was nasty across the board & we switched away from trading ALSI to other global indices, commodities etc. Lindi still banked 500 pts on Gold spot trading in July! Well done!

February Group saw Jozua, Riaan and his sisters on the ALSI Apprentice trading course and they all hit target by end of February! Since then, Riaan and his sisters consistently bank over 1000 pts a month! Jozua trained with me for an additional two months after the initial ALSI Trading course and he banked 600 pts in May, made 1000pts in the last week of June & 3300 pts in July! He took August off...

Chris banked about R25,000 or 600 pts in August so far. He just started ALSI trading in August! He also made R7000 on single stock futures.

Jurgen from Namibia unfortunately has not been able to successfully follow the system and this is likely due to the fact that he didnt come to the ALSI Day Trading Course but only came into the Trading Room.

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Markets Technical Analysis with Warrick Selzer Dec 2012 With Samantha Loring CNBC Africa

Global Performance

26 June 2013 - We find the markets all around the world hitting 2008/9 and 2012 lows as they extend wave A-B-C bear cycle corrections with the Dow challenging 14700 for example. Watch closely going forward!

Date- 23 April 2013 - We discussed on CNBC Africa weakness and downside retracement in an ELLIOT WAVE cycle 4 down before continuing into wave 5. [2 April 2013 broadcast]

This led to almost another 600 pts down on the DAX, over 2000 pts on the JSE ALL SHARE and so on... Now a quick WAVE 5 up is taking place but beware of the lower high pointing to a downturn in trend.

Our published targets on the SP500 were 1560 in the relief rally wave A.

Markets are highly volatile at present and only short term trades are currently being considered outside of strong sectors we discuss.     

Commodities - 28th June

Trade GOLD, OIL, SILVER, PLATINUM & other minor commodities directly to benefit most clean market movement! **Retracement taking place now** So we are open on short positions.

The Stronger USD swing has put massive pressure on the precious metals and commodities as per our April 2nd CNBC discussion.

We have been short GOLD, Platinum and general commodities like OIL for a few weeks now. Closed early this week.

Most recently, we discussed a weak rally for the USD (EUR1.27 to 1.34) which translates into similar for commodities in general.

Long term we are very bullish on commodities and have been since 2009.

Stock Picks - June 2013

Recent stock picks (and long standing favourites) have come under pressure from Stonger USD.

We are short selling commodities in general as well as widespread index shorting. Bear A-B-C Elliot Wave in play.

@ 26 April 2013

1 Despite Resources based stocks such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Exxaro, Kumba Iron ore & Sasol taking pressure now they are always on our radar!

We also continue to favour stocks from the TECH, PHARM and General Retailers sectors as long term out performers or inflation hedging winners. APN and Mr Price are some considerations. SABMiller also of late as a Rand hedge along with SASOL.

We continue to look at MetAir which has performed astonishingly over the last 3 years with over 350%.

 Course info...

Hot Sectors - June 2013

Our Hot Sectors are discussed our "State of the Markets Address" where we discuss over 40 different sectors on the JSE for opportunities in short term, swing trades & long term focus!

We are short selling commodities in general as well as widespread index shorting. Bear A-B-C Elliot Wave in play.

@ 26 April

Some of our recent winners are such sectors as Construction, Short selling the Mining, RESI and Base Metals. Buying Pharm, Tech, AUTM, GERE. Short selling OIL & ALTx!

The RAND was also a massive WINNER over the last two weeks from above 860c to our target of 915c and even weaker! Not to mention the BDI which triggered a long buy that rallied over $300 in little over 2 months!!        Course info...

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