Small Business Development Courses

Entrepreneurship is instrumental to South Africa's growth and development. Owning or managing a business requires an entrepreneurial mindset, appropriate management skills and market knowledge to convert ideas, the sale of excellent products or services and opportunities into economic success.Start today!

Existing and aspiring entrepreneurs will be provided with the business tools, management skills and leadership training knowledge to be successful in business. Emerging and existing entrepreneurs learn to capitalise on opportunities to start and grow sustainable businesses that form part of the mainstream economy. You will be able to tender for business opportunities within both the public and private sectors.

Small Business training provides hands-on management and leadership training to provide over 30 years of small and big business training and experience to entrepreneurs wanting to start small businesses.

You will be able to:

    Small Business Development Course Skills include

  • Apply basic communication skills in new business creation context: this includes presentation skills; business writing and report writing and business proposals
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the sector/industry in which the business operates: research
  • Determine financial requirements and manage financial aspects of a new venture: finance for non-financial managers;
  • Prepare and process documents for financial and banking processes;
  • Manage finances including the country's financial requirements (for eg SARS and VAT returns) for a new venture
  • Determine market requirements and prepare a need's analysis
  • Manage the relevant marketing and selling processes - including advertising
  • Manage business operations
  • Apply basic skills of customer service
  • Apply health and safety to a work area
  • Produce a business plan for a new venture

Who qualifies to do this course?

  • You need to have your own business or
  • Be on the verge of starting a business/implementing a business idea
  • You require a minimum Grade 12 or NQF Level 3
  • You need to have good numeracy and communications skills
  • Show Entrepreneurship Focus
  • Want to Succeed!
  • Recommended supporting course :: Personal Finance Course

Small Business Development Training Course Fee: R18,800 plus VAT


  • Minimum of 6 learners
  • The Small Business Training runs over 6 months and
  • Includes 2 FULL Days of Business Training per month!
  • Venue: Johannesburg /Pretoria
  • Lunch and teas provided
  • Running: Monthly 2013
  • Period: 6 months, 2 days per month
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Personal Finance Course

Learn to put your money in the best sectors when they are hot and move it when they're not!!

Find out hot tips on personal finance like:

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  • Managing credit like car & loan repayments
  • Creating some extra cash
  • Personal tax
  • Personal investment opportunities
  • How to Create Assets

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