Award Winning Trading Brokers

To use the stock market you need a broker or trading platform that provides the middle man between you and the stock exchanges! How do you choose the best broker for you to trade with? Well, why not start with award winning brokers?

There are thousands of brokers to choose from. Some brokers are great at research and others not. Some will offer investing training. Other brokers provide very expensive trading software. There are cheap brokers and expensive brokers. Investment brokers that specialise in commodities only, or currency brokers or just stock brokers. Find a broker by checking out who day traders trade with! free charts,get brokers, open trading account, best brokers, top brokers, best trading platforms,

Our spectrum of preferred stock market brokers and global market brokers is hand picked and tested. We use these brokers ourselves as we realise their value and product offering. Despite not necessarily being able to find the perfect broker these guys come very close to hitting the list of top brokers with many award-winning trophies under their belts. They certainly make our list of TOP 4 Brokers!

Two of our best stock brokers offer local investors the opportunity to invest and trade locally and abroad on foreign companies, commodities and indices. These top local stock brokers enable local investors to trade the SP500, Dow Jones, Frankfurt DAX and more. They also provide "free charting" in terms of desktop trading software you dont have to BUY EVER!

Why buy expensive software when the TOP Brokers we prefer to use provide it as part of their service? Trading platforms that are Desktop based you can just download and "Switch on" when you are ready to trade is usually reserved for Currency traders! Not Anymore! Our selection of Award-Winning Stock Market Brokers & Global Market Brokers provide these for free. You pay nothing for the software. The only hitch is that with any software, the EXCHANGEs have begun to charge for providing their service to users: You and ME and Joe Soap! Luckily it is not expensive compared to some data feed service providers out there. These top Trading Broker Platform could save you $100s a year simply due to data feed fees on expensive once off sales of trading services now available for free...

On top of providing excellent Award Winning Trading Platforms from your Desktop, these recommended Best Brokers also give you access to low cost, wide range and liquid stock markets, currency markets and commodity markets. Some include Agri futures as well! The spreads are well priced and margin requirements are also HIGHLY Competitive!

One of our preferred Online Platform Brokers, which is based offshore, even offers a Copy Trader option. Where even if you know nothing about investing or trading, you can tap into, research and decide to FOLLOW A TRADER with proven success and given risk at a few clicks of a button. It's social trading and it's here! Start small or start BIG... you can even use a demo virtual account to test the whole Copy Trader thing out.

Our top qualities in a Stock Broker:

  • Good trading rates
  • Good research
  • Free training and news!
  • Excellent Margin Requirement levels
  • Great service
  • Desktop Trading Software for free
  • Online chat and help!
  • Opportunity across many different global markets
  • Begin investing by taking small steps.

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    ALSI Apprentice

    Learn to trade ALSI like a day trader with specific focus on demonstrating actual LIVE trading on the ALSI during the ALSI Course!

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    Trading Room

    Trade ALSI actual LIVE trading on the ALSI during the market trading session while discussing the market LIVe using SKYPE!

    Discover the best times to trade ALSI. Find consistent strategies that can provide 250pts per week for 2hrs a day.

    Apply trading psychology, discipline & risk management to achieve consistent profits!        more...

    Economic Cycles

    Learn to analyze the stock markets for economic triggers that can be used to improve your business & personal investment returns.

    By understanding how Economic cycles work you can put your money in the best sectors when they are hot and move it when they're not!!

    Discover how the Stock Market tells you what to invest in and when! Over 150 years of research shows you how!        more...

    Stock Market Courses

    Our Stock Market Basics course teaches you some hard truths about the stock market and investing arena!

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